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Appreciate the cost savings

The Paradigm healthcare kits are working great! We really appreciate the cost savings in going this route and will recommend to any facility. The model of the TV’s we used is RCA LED40HG45RQ.

Converted all our patient room TVs

We have converted all our patient room tvs to your system and they are working great so far.

pillow speakers control the TV perfectly

Attached is the picture of the Best Buy Insignia 40" TV to the right of our current 32" PDI TV. It was very convenient and much more cost effective to be able to drive over to my local Best Buy and grab a replacement instead of sending our older TV in for repair. The paradigm box works beautifully with the Insignia TV and the set up was super easy. I used double backed tape to adhere the box to the back of the TV under the connection slot.You cant even tell its there. Pillow speakers control the TV perfectly, I'm looking forward to the day when all 20 TV's are replaced with new ones using your device. Its a great product and I'm glad I took the extra time to search for other options in order to find you.

Much Thanks

P.S. It was cheaper for me to buy a brand new larger screen TV from Best Buy and your box than shipping and repairing the old one.

Returned $100,000 of $300,000 budget thanks to Paradigm

It works.

When I say it works, I mean it really works. Channel and TV response is more real time than any hospital grade television in the facility.

IU Health La Porte Hospital is 220 bed facility, all the televisions were old tube televisions which did not align with our standards of quality and excellence. The cost to replace everything with 22” hospital grade TVs was close to 300k.

That $300,000.00 was our entire budget for the project and it didn’t include anything additional, just televisions.

The budget was approved, but we wanted to do better than the above so we looked at the options and found Paradigm Multimedia.

The device came in and the vendor worked to tweak it to our needs. Today, most of our 220 beds are 32” HD televisions using one of Paradigm’s products to integrate to the bedside remote and the total cost for hardware for the entire project was under half of our $300,000.00 budget.

Under half.

I got to return over $100,000.00 for a large organizational project because we didn't need it. Very few projects go this way, and it's been exciting.

Without Paradigm and not only their product but their diligent customer service, this wouldn’t be possible.

Alternative to Expensive Healthcare TVs

I was searching online to find an alternative to expensive healthcare grade TVs for a budget-minded client. I came across Paradigm Multimedia's website and contacted them by email. I received a call from the owner, Reinhold Baron, shortly thereafter. He answered all my questions about their product and even gave me some tips on what TVs to purchase. I purchased 25 of the kits, and, I must say, my client was blown away! They got better TVs at a much lower price! Don't be afraid to try Paradigm. You will be glad you did.

GREAT Healthcare TV Solution!!!

This product is amazing! It is a much cheaper and a much easier solution next to buying expensive healthcare grade TV's for patient rooms!

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