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Healthcare TV converter box

With Reinhold’s assistance we were able to get the HC20 working with our client’s TV and the digital audio converter. The television had previously been wired to have the data on the tip and audio on the sleeve; once this was figured out everything fell right into place.

I met with the COO and he would like to include this technology in another project.

Thank you for your help and patience.

Competitively Priced Healthcare TV Option

"We have recommended your healthcare TVs and pillow speakers in our hospital and medical office designs for some time with excellent results. We find these healthcare TVs very competitively priced, very high quality and a great value for our customers."

Cost effective way to merge pillow speakers and TVs

We at Carlinville Area Hospital are pleased with the reliability and performance of the HC20 after almost two years of service. We have experienced no problems with the units and found it to be a simple and cost effective way to merge our pillow speakers and televisions.

32" Healthcare TV similar in price of 22" TV

“Bibb Medical Center was able to purchase 32” Sharp healthcare LCD televisions in place of 22” LCD from a competitor. The hospital had a certain amount of money budgeted for the first 4 LCD televisions for a new wing. With the help of Ed at Paradgim Multimedia, I was able to show the facility that we could offer a 32” Sharp unit for less of money than what they were ready to pay for a televison with a screen size 10” smaller”.

IPTV Pillow Speaker Interface

We are pleased to inform you that we've successfully tested our MCOM's HOTstream Hospitality Suite with the Paradigm HC20 technology.  With your support, we were able to successfully manage control of our STB with both a Curbell pillow speaker and a Hill-Rom bed control panel in a large medical facility in Riyadh, KSA.

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