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pillow speakers control the TV perfectly

Attached is the picture of the Best Buy Insignia 40" TV to the right of our current 32" PDI TV. It was very convenient and much more cost effective to be able to drive over to my local Best Buy and grab a replacement instead of sending our older TV in for repair. The paradigm box works beautifully with the Insignia TV and the set up was super easy. I used double backed tape to adhere the box to the back of the TV under the connection slot.You cant even tell its there. Pillow speakers control the TV perfectly, I'm looking forward to the day when all 20 TV's are replaced with new ones using your device. Its a great product and I'm glad I took the extra time to search for other options in order to find you.

Much Thanks

P.S. It was cheaper for me to buy a brand new larger screen TV from Best Buy and your box than shipping and repairing the old one.

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