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Returned $100,000 of $300,000 budget thanks to Paradigm

It works.

When I say it works, I mean it really works. Channel and TV response is more real time than any hospital grade television in the facility.

IU Health La Porte Hospital is 220 bed facility, all the televisions were old tube televisions which did not align with our standards of quality and excellence. The cost to replace everything with 22” hospital grade TVs was close to 300k.

That $300,000.00 was our entire budget for the project and it didn’t include anything additional, just televisions.

The budget was approved, but we wanted to do better than the above so we looked at the options and found Paradigm Multimedia.

The device came in and the vendor worked to tweak it to our needs. Today, most of our 220 beds are 32” HD televisions using one of Paradigm’s products to integrate to the bedside remote and the total cost for hardware for the entire project was under half of our $300,000.00 budget.

Under half.

I got to return over $100,000.00 for a large organizational project because we didn't need it. Very few projects go this way, and it's been exciting.

Without Paradigm and not only their product but their diligent customer service, this wouldn’t be possible.
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